Adapting Your Menu with Market Changes

With Beef and Pork prices on the rise as well as many product shortages, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

Daily menu requirements are to offer 6 Ounces of Edible Protein per day. One ounce of edible protein is equivalent to 1oz cooked meat, 1oz lunchmeat or 1oz cheese. One ounce of edible protein is also found in one egg, a ½ cup cooked beans or two Tablespoons of peanut butter.

Consider swapping out meals that may contain high-cost protein items such as beef or pork roasts. Discuss available product alternatives such as a fully cooked hamburger patty or heat-and-serve pot roast with your foodservice supplier.

Health Technologies has developed a 14-day Protein Alternatives menu that can help with additional meal ideas for your community. This menu is intended to offer suggestions for meals and recipes to help offset the rising cost of raw beef and pork products. In this menu you will find fully cooked protein ingredients, the use of eggs and cheese to meet protein requirements, as well as alternatives such as chicken and turkey.

Check out a few recipe suggestions:

White Chicken Chili

Garden Quiche

Turkey Tacos

Cheese Enchiladas

Swedish Turkey Meatballs


Want to be even more creative?

Breakfast for Dinner Themed Meal

Meatless Monday's

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