Additional ideas for foodservice operations during COVID-19

We're listening and sharing the great things coming from our Long Term Care foodservice community! Here are a few additional ideas and resources for coping with infection control precautions.

Communication – Have a daily huddle with all staff. Consider using a white board to post daily up-to-date information.

Have a little fun with a theme or a puzzle – Consider a “picnic lunch” in a brown bag, or include a daily newsletter or activity on meal trays such as a word search, maze, or puzzle. Try this free puzzle website!

Simplify the menu – If staffing is down, consider using a simplified menu. You may look to order premade entrees, meats, salads, desserts, etc. Download Health Technologies' 14-Day Simplified Menu.

Order wisely – While there is no shortage on food, there could be a shortage on gloves and other disposables while demand is high. Food-grade gloves may be available from your food distributor. Avoid serving with disposable products, instead, continue to provide tableware as you would normally. Practice cleaning and sanitizing procedures as usual.

Make meal rounds – With residents eating in their rooms, be sure to keep a close eye on individual wellness. Keep records for intake and appetite, visit resident rooms (while practicing appropriate hand hygiene) to follow-up about food service, be sure to contact the dietitian for any nutritional concerns.

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