Dining Manager Program Updates

Dining Manager Program Update


The app developer for Health Technologies has been made aware of a significant change from the Google Play Store utilized by Android devices. Google Play Store has shared it’s commitment to enhancing security as well as performance by ensuring that app developers are following guidelines for app deployment. App updates for Dining Manager TableSide now require the Android operating system version 8.0 or newer. You can read more about this change by clicking here

The TableSide app will continue to function on Android systems without the most recent Android operating system, however, no additional program updates will be available in previous versions of the Android operating system.

Apple applications using an iPad or iPad Mini are functioning without issue.

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Adaptive Equipment can be customized for your individual community! Call our menu support team to customize your list of available adaptive equipment.

Additional Dislikes and Intolerances are being updated in the MealCard program. If you have additional dislikes you would like to submit as suggestions, please click here.


Menu and Recipe Updates

Food temperatures can be documented using the Production Sheet in the menu reports.

Help is just a click away! Download the Dining Manager User Guidebook for a complete handbook to using the menu system.

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