Finding Joy in Food

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*Joy is a personal preference.

Stop for a minute and consider the last time you savored a perfect bite. Is your mouth watering just looking at those tender ribs and golden french fries?

Joy comes in all shapes and sizes. But at DiningRD, we know one thing is for sure - food brings us joy.

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In 2021, DiningRD set out to nurture joy through food with dining programs for long term care. An ambitious task in a very challenging year, yes. So, we want to

know...what are the simplest things that bring you joy?
A foodservice manager in Springfield, Missouri shared, "I haven't been able to keep watermelon for more than a day! Our residents love having watermelon on the menu during the summertime. I can tell how something so simple seems to make the residents happy in a special way. I'm glad that I can be a part of that with the food we serve."
In Illinois, a senior living administrator recalled, "They don't teach you this in school. Resident satisfaction, dignity, person-centered care - whatever you want to call it; the food we're serving plays a significant role in the work we do."

What can DiningRD do for you?

For residents, food is much more than just nutritional components on a plate - food can tell a personal story. DiningRD approaches nutritional care from recipes, menus, and dietitian consulting with a personalized touch. We believe in giving hardworking foodservice managers tools for efficiency and support so they can spend quality time with residents.

Tell us your story!

We are gathering stories of joy through food - tell us your story. Email us today to share a story about how food has made an impact on bringing joy to your residents.

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