NEW ChefsFare and HealthyFare Menu

New ChefsFare and HealthyFare menus are coming this fall! Here is a teaser to jump-start another palate-pleasing summer

We are constantly looking at exciting and inventive ways to spice up the existing slate of menus and tasty food choices we offer our wonderful long-term care communities. And now that summer is in full swing, we figured there’s no better time than the present to share a little “sneak peek” into what we have up our sleeve.

Coming this fall and winter, the staff at DiningRD will unveil two new menus: ChefsFare and HealthyFare. Trust us when we say neither is anything you’ve seen in our dining rooms before, and we can’t wait to prove just how much of a difference there is. Both menus were guided by information gathered from several expert chefs who infused a more chef-inspired feel — better ingredients, new food choices, seasonal items, freshly-sourced veggies and fruits, plating ideas, etc. — that will help us break from the mold of recipes typically offered in long term care communities.

While we aren’t quite ready to unveil them, what you will find below are two recipes that WILL be available this summer.

Consider these a teaser of amazing and delicious recipe items to come.   


We are excited to offer a Turkey-Cranberry Walnut Salad Sandwich and Tuna Salad Sandwich with avocado and tomato on artisan bread.  Although these recipes are tuna and turkey-based, chicken or ham would also be quite tasty and enjoyable to try! These recipes are available NOW and will delight your residents while giving the next few months some well-deserved oomph.

Be on the lookout this fall for our new and exciting ChefsFare and HealthyFare Menu options!. ‘Bon Appetit!’

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