Fall-Winter Menu Options

DiningRD is working hard to curate unique menu offerings by adding new seasonal recipes as well as a variety of menu designs. Our team is standing by to help with all of your menu needs.


Our ChefsFare menu features chef-inspired composed meals to achieve a fine dining feel in your community. With a focus on ingredients, plate presentation, and garnishing; the ChefsFare menu offers communities an upscale dining choice. 


The FineFare menu from DiningRD was previous referred to as the "Gold" menu standard. Within the FineFare selections, diners will enjoy a wide variety of menu choices from traditional favorites to new recipe selections. The Fall-Winter FineFare menu is available in 4 and 5 week cycle options.


Do you prefer scratch cooking? Looking for delicious menu options that won't break the budget? The Homestyle menu is designed to help keep budget-minded foodservice operators in control of their food costs while still providing delicious food your residents will love.

Regional Variations

Do your residents prefer a certain taste? DiningRD offers many regional menu variations to meet a variety of taste preferences.

Emergency Menu

In the event of a disaster, emergency, or unplanned interruption to foodservice - DiningRD has you covered! All customers have availability to a 7-day emergency menu specially designed for loss of electricity and potable water.

Simplified Menu

If you are feeling the strain of staffing, consider reaching out to a team member at DiningRD to provide a simplified menu. The Simplified menu features easy-to-prepare meals, prepared and convenience foods to make mealtimes less stressful.

Not using the DiningManager menu programs from DiningRD? Click here to schedule a demo with one of our team members.

Contact the menu team at DiningRD:

Call: 800-544-3059

Fax: 314-423-9825

Email: RD@DiningRD.com

Text: 314-833-8850

Current Customers Schedule Help

We can't wait to talk to you! Katie, Cindy, Alyssa, and the entire DiningRD team is here when you need menu help.

DiningRD - Health Technologies is committed to improving dining and nutrition services in healthcare communities through expert clinical consulting, innovative menu solutions, and training support for foodservice teams. We nurture joy through food with long term care dining programs. Call us today!

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