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Meet Cindy Monica, CDM CFPP

Menu Support Specialist

Cindy Monica DiningRD

“When I started with Health Technologies, we were doing data entry and manually typing in all the menus. But I didn’t even know how to turn a computer on,” Cindy said while fighting back a laugh and reminiscing about her first few days on the job. “The dietitian who hired me helped me get a feel for the mouse and everything, and she just said, ‘Hey. It’s not the end of the world. You’ll get through this.’”

Clearly, plenty has changed since 1998. Back then, nothing was online, and employees like Cindy were either using existing software or relying on templates to get through the day. Fast forward to today and everything we have at Health Technologies, Inc. is accessible online — from the menus to our MealCard and TableSide programs. As for Cindy, she’s a wily veteran now, handling new rollouts like a pro and helping clients with various troubleshooting and virtual training.

As our Customer Support guru, Cindy provides comprehensive virtual training for new customers as well as day-to-day technical support for the Dining Manager Menu System. Though she didn’t know her way around a computer at first, she proved to be a fast learner. And on top of that, she had plenty of experience already under her belt. Cindy received her Associates in Applied Science Degree in Dietetic Technology from Florissant Valley Community College and is a Certified Dietary Manager and Certified Food Protection professional.

Do you need help customizing a menu or maybe just a friendly voice to hear out your concerns and provide practical solutions? Cindy is just a phone call away!

“I really like what I do. After 23 years, I’m still moving right along here,” Cindy said. “I work for a great company, and I especially like the interaction with customers. I enjoy helping people.”

She added, “But with that said, I’m always learning. There is always something new coming out.”

Cindy developed her passion for food and helping people from watching her mother, Zita, who was a dietitian. Throughout her childhood, Cindy would routinely stand side-by-side with her mother as they cooked up delicious meals in the kitchen. She soaked in everything her mother could teach her, and as she got older, it was a no-brainer decision to choose a similar career path. Interestingly enough, Cindy worked in a hospital setting before coming to Health Technologies. And while she was there, Zita would often come in and be a volunteer with her daughter. “Even after she had retired, she still wanted to be a part of it,” Cindy said.

In her free time, Cindy enjoys spending time working in her yard outdoors and being with family. She’s one of eight kids, including five sisters and three brothers. She’s also a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan.

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