New Features Added to DiningRD!

DiningRD Features

Here at DiningRD, our mission is to improve foodservice operations with tools and resources for foodservice managers.

We listen to client feedback in order to making DiningRD the best menu software solution for senior living foodservice.

Here are just a few of the new features we've rolled out this month:

  • Updated Production Worksheet - new area added for thermometer calibration.
  • IDDSI - slightly thick (1) fluid level added.
  • Enhanced NPO protocol in MealCard - during PointClickCare integration automation, diet messages updated automatically when a resident is no longer NPO status.
  • Automated substitutions - MealCard users can now create customized substitutions or alternate recipe items for dislikes and allergies. Want to learn more? Join us for a upcoming Master Class.
  • Restaurant-style printed menu formats - customize your own posted menu! This new feature enables users to build a unique posted menu for display. 
  • NEW TableSide print functions! Learn more about the expanded print options for TableSide - schedule a demo
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