Strategic Initiatives for 2022

Strategic Initiatives for 2022

At DiningRD, we continue to center our business goals and values around a core philosophy that food brings joy to the seniors we serve. 

Our continued commitment to nurturing joy in senior living is driven by the inspiring work of our clients and partners. The challenges of the past several months have further highlighted opportunities for enhancements to our products and services.

Here are a few of the strategic initiatives for DiningRD in 2022:

Redesign of Dining Manager menu software programs. Just like remodeling a house, our design team is in the beginning stages of giving the Dining Manager software programs a facelift! Do you consider yourself a bit of tech-wiz? Maybe you like to push all the buttons? We're looking for end-users willing to participate in a beta-test. Drop us a note.

Prioritizing security. In the digital age, we know that top-notch security is absolutely imperative. We are leaving no stone unturned in our examination of security parameters to keep our clients safe. Furthermore, we are investing in security infrastructure, testing, and auditing.

Restaurant-style dining and person-centered care. TableSide continues to be an asset to senior dining for communication and safety in the dining room and foodservice operations. Schedule a demo today.

Integrations and efficiencies. We're working to align Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and purchasing organizations to add to your operational efficiency. Currently we have partnerships with PointClickCare, NetSmart, Wellsky, DSSI, and Procurement Partners. Have another suggestion for integration? We want to hear about it!

Human capital. If you have ever needed a new oven or dish machine, you've likely heard of capital expenses. Similar to new equipment investments, we're working on investing in our DiningRD team! We're actively recruiting new talent and proud of our incredible team.

We welcome your feedback as we continually strive to improve dining services in healthcare communities. Click here to leave a suggestion for improvement to the Dining Manager software programs.

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