We have a new look!

You may be wondering...

Why the change?

We’re so much more than what our name describes! At Health Technologies, we believe in a core value for customer service and bettering healthcare through excellent foodservice and nutritional care. We’re focused on providing the best Menu Programs, Dietitian Consulting, and Training Services to our customers. Our new website and logo bring together our passions, mission, and vision.

Is it still Health Technologies?

Yes! We haven’t changed. We like to think of this as when your favorite cereal gets a new box—it’s still the same delicious cereal you’ve always known, just with a new box!

Health Technologies continues to offer the same great services and friendly faces, just in a brand new packaging!

What does this mean for me?

As a customer of Health Technologies, you shouldn’t see any significant change. We’ll guide you to visit our new website DiningRD.com and redirect your emails to our new inboxes. Our toll-free number hasn’t changed 800-544-3059 and we’re still here to assist you!

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